Threadworms make a home in the intestines and wriggle out of the bottom at night to lay their eggs. They look like tiny white threads and can be seen around the bottom and in your child's poo.
Symptoms of Threadworms include a very itchy bottom, especially at night, as this is when they come out to lay their eggs. This may be associated with a loss of appetite and disturbed sleep. 
Threadworms - childrens health advice

To prevent the infection spreading you should:

  • Keep your child's hands and nails scrupulously clean and their nails short
  • Make sure everyone in the family washes their hands before eating and after using the toilet
  • Make sure your child wears clean pants or pyjamas in bed and bath or wash around their bottom each morning 
  • Make sure everyone has their own towel
  • Disinfect the toilet seat and toilet handle after every use while treating the infection and regularly after the infection is cleared
  • Vacuum and dust bedrooms thoroughly to get rid of eggs
If you think your child has worms, speak to one of our pharmacy team about treatment. The whole family will need to be treated because threadworm eggs spread very easily.  
For further information about children's health issues or any symptoms they may be suffering from please visit your local pharmacy to see how they can help.


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