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What is age-related macular degeneration (ARMD)?

ARMD is a common eye disease associated with ageing that gradually destroys the sharp
central vision needed for reading, driving and common daily tasks.
Symptoms of ARMD include blurred vision and, as the disease progresses, a small but growing blind spot in the central vision, while normally side vision is retained. ARMD can be detected by having regular eye tests and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
What is age-related macular degeneration (ARMD)? Common questions

Which frames are best for driving?

Choose frames that do not obscure your vision, such as styles of frames with thin sides that are above eye level. Tinted lenses are suitable for daytime driving in normal weather conditions.

Should children wear sunglasses?

Continuous exposure to strong sunlight (and hence UV radiation) can damage a child's eyes so sunglasses and a hat are essential in these conditions.

What supplements are good for my eyes?

Nutritional vitamins and supplements have been linked to keeping your eyes healthy and are available from your local Alphega Pharmacist.
Nutritional supplements that have been linked to maintaining good eye health are available in many fruits, vegetables and foods however if you need an additional vitamin & mineral boost please visit your local pharmacy and ask your pharmacist, for advice.
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