First Aid: What To Do

Away from home for the first time and not sure how to deal with life's little emergencies? Here are a few basic tips to start you off…

Minor cuts and grazes:

  • Wash and dry your own hands
  • Clean the cut (if dirty) under running water. Pat dry with a sterile dressing (usually found in your First Aid Kit)
  • Cover the cut completely with a sterile dressing or plaster
If severe bleeding occurs, always dial 999 for an ambulance as soon as possible.
First aid: what to do? - Alphega Pharmacy

Minor burns:

  • Hold the affected area under cold water for at least 10 minutes or until pain subsides
  • Remove any jewellery and cover the burn as you would for any cut
  • If a minor burn is larger than a postage stamp, it requires medical attention
  • All deep burns of any size require urgent hospital treatment
If you need further information regarding student health please visit your our Pharmacy Locator and ask your local Alphega pharmacist, for advice.
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