Summer Skin Problems

Skin problems are very common during the summer. These can include prickly heat, cold sores and allergic reactions.
In most cases skin problems are minor and can be treated by over the counter remedies, however in rare cases they can be serious. Always seek medical advice if a skin problem rapidly worsens.

Checking moles, staying safe 

Not every mole is just a beauty spot. Keeping your eye on your moles is really important and
could save your life as this can be the first sign of skin cancer. The good news is that every
melanoma is completely survivable when detected early. You should consult your doctor if you notice any of the following symptoms:
  • Asymmetry - If the two halves of your mole do not match
  • Border - If the mole outline becomes irregular
  • Colour - If the mole develops more than one colour or shade
  • Diameter - If the mole becomes bigger than 5mm
  • Evolution - If the mole develops in shape or size

If you are concerned about a mole you currently have please visit our Pharmacy Locator to find the nearest Alphega Pharmacy offering the Mole Scanning Service and ask your pharmacist for further information.


Skin problems are very common during the summer. These can include prickly heat, cold sores and allergic reactions - Alphega Pharmacy


Dealing with heat stroke & heat exhaustion 

Hot skin, heavy sweating, feeling and being sick, dizziness, high temperature, confusion, increased heart rate, thirst, cramps and tiredness can all be signs of heat exhaustion. Make sure to drink plenty of fluids, preferably water, to keep hydrated. Dehydration in the young and the elderly can be dangerous and could lead to heat exhaustion quickly so keeping hydrated is really important.
The best treatment is to keep cool and drink plenty of fluids such as water or a rehydration drink/sports drink and avoid alcoholic and caffeinated drinks. In extreme cases, this can lead to unconsciousness. This requires immediate medical attention.

If you need further information regarding Sun Care & Travel Health Advice please visit your our Pharmacy Locator and ask your local Alphega pharmacist, for advice.

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