If you're travelling further than Europe this summer, you may require vaccinations to protect against diseases not common in Europe. For more information, go to: or speak to our Pharmacist. Advice should always be sought at least 8 weeks in advance of travelling, as some vaccines need time to become effective.
Going to the tropics? - protect yourself from malaria - Vaccinations - Alphega pharmacy

Going to the tropics? - protect yourself from malaria.

Unfortunately there is no vaccine against malaria, but a combination of anti-malarial tablets and our top tips can help you to have a relaxing holiday wherever you go. Even if you are taking anti-malarial tablets, mosquitoes can still bite at any time of the day, so preventing insect bites is often a 24 hour task.
  • Spray away - use an insect repellent to ward off the mosquitoes
  • Get covered - if you are out in the evening, cover yourself with long sleeved tops and long trousers
  • Lock them out - make sure your room is protected by spraying insecticides, burning pyrethoid coils and heating impregnated tablets
  • Hit the net - use a mosquito net sprayed with insecticide, especially if you are sleeping outdoors 
  • Knock ‘em down - ensure you have a ‘knockdown spray' to kill any mosquitoes should you see them


If you need further information regarding Sun Care & Travel Health Advice please visit your our Pharmacy Locator and ask your local Alphega pharmacist, for advice.

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