Why take vitamin and mineral supplements?

If you are eating fresh, healthy food that has been cooked from scratch, then vitamin supplements should not be necessary. But the reality is, we tend to eat less than the recommended five portions of fruit and vegetables a day 
Food production methods can have an impact, too. Modern growing methods, longer food miles, storage over long periods and overcooking can all lower the nutritional value of what we eat.
we tend to eat less than the recommended five portions of fruit and vegetables a day - Alphega Pharmacy
People on more restricted diets may also be deficient in some vitamins and minerals making it difficult for the body to obtain what it requires from food alone. The elderly, as well as vegans, vegetarians and children who are fussy eaters, may therefore benefit from a vitamin and mineral supplement.
But, remember… supplements are exactly that - they are only intended to supplement a healthy diet. They should not replace regular, balanced meals. Vitamin and mineral supplements do not have an instant effect. You may have to take them for several weeks (or even months) before you begin to notice any difference in how you feel.
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