Weight Loss Support Service

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If you feel you need to lose weight to look and feel fitter and improve your health, or your doctor has suggested you lose weight, you are certainly not alone. 

That is why we have developed a pharmacy-led, professional Weight Loss Support Service to help you lose weight and feel better. Unlike more familiar attempts to achieve weight loss, based purely on diet and exercise, the
Weight Loss Support Service is a more comprehensive, integrated approach.

What is the Weight Loss Support Service?

The Weight Loss Support Service provides you with a series of structured 1 to 1 consultations provided by one of our professional team in a private consultation area. 
At each consultation they will help you to plan a weight loss programme, which may involve making changes to the food you eat and the amount of exercise you take. 

Weight loss

Aims of the Weight Loss Support Service?

The aims of the Weight Loss Support Service are to
help you:
  • Assess your weight and decide on a realistic, healthy target weight
  • Understand the benefits of focusing on long term lifestyle changes that
    will help you reduce your weight
  • Plan how they you make changes in order to work towards the healthy target weight by using a balanced, healthy eating approach and by taking appropriate levels of activity
  • Through regular opportunities to assess how well you are doing and discuss techniques for keeping motivated as you steadily progress towards your target
  • Receive advice on any other beneficial services, such as the Healthy Heart Service, the Diabetes Risk Awareness Service and the Stop Smoking Service

Is the Weight Loss Support Service right for me?

The Weight Loss Support Service is not suitable for everyone; it is really for people over 18 years of age, who are a stone or two overweight (at least 6-7 kgs). Your Pharmacist cannot register you on the Weight Loss Support Service unless you meet certain criteria.
These are based on your Body Mass Index (BMI). BMI is a measure that assesses
your weight in relation to your height. 
Please note that the Weight Loss Support Service is not suitable if you are pregnant
or breastfeeding.
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Weight loss Support Service
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