AlvitaAlvita is a range of patient care products including surgical, diagnostics, orthopaedics and everyday health and hygiene. Alvita offers high quality, reliable products, and provides value for money for both pharmacist and patient. 

The range uses distinctive, clear and concise packaging, so that patients find products easy to identify and simple to use.

In the year ended 31 March 2014, the Alvita range was sold in six countries (France, the UK, Germany, Spain and through associates in Italy and Portugal).



AlmusAlmus is a range of generic medicines and one of the fastest-growing and most innovative ranges of generic medicines in Europe. Launched in the UK during 2003, Almus is also sold in France, Spain, Italy and Portugal.

Almus provides high quality generic medicines in a wide and growing range of therapeutic categories. These are produced by many manufacturers, including some of the world's largest generics companies.

Almus aims to lead the field in patient-safe packaging design, and to provide unbeatable operational efficiency in the pharmacy through a combination of packaging clarity and high service level through the wholesaler.



Alcura dedicated to patient careAlcura, is a service brand for Walgreens Boots Alliance innovative and specialised healthcare services. It has been launched in France, Spain, United Kingdom, The Netherlands and Germany. Alcura will progressively be rolled out in other markets.