Health Advice

If you have a minor ailment or need a professional second opinion on a health related issue, then there is no better place to visit than your local Alphega Pharmacy.

Your friendly pharmacy team can provide a variety of medications, treatments and health advice for a host of ailments including common colds, coughs, sprains and more. Local pharmacies have the advantage of being open later than most GP surgeries, meaning that as well as having longer opening hours, you may not even have to book an appointment.

And what’s more, if you do need further assistance and need to see a GP then your pharmacist will let you know.

Childrens health advice Cough and cold health advice
Childrens Health Cough & Cold


Energy and nutrition
Energy, Diet & Nutrition 


Eye health advice - Looking after your eyes First aid health advice
Eye Health First Aid Advice


Hay fever and allergy advice Healthy heart
Hay Fever and Allergy Healthy Heart


Incontinence Living with Asthma - How to manage Asthma
Incontinence Living with Asthma


Living with Diabetes Men's Health advice
Living with Diabetes Men's Health


Mother and Baby Oral Health
Mother and Baby Oral Health


Pain relief health advice - How do I manage pain? Senior health
Pain Relief Senior Health


Sexual health Skincare
Sexual Health Skin Conditions


Sleep and energy stop smoking
Sleep & Energy Stop Smoking


Students health Summer health and Travel
Student Health Suncare & Travel Health


Weight management womens health

Weight Management

Women's Health