How do I avoid indigestion?

Managing indigestion - Dealign with indigestion at christmas

If you are intending to enjoy this year’s festive season with a mixture of excessive eating, drinking and partying, then you may have some unintended side effects; like indigestion!

Indigestion and Heartburn can be an incredibly uncomfortable experience and, while the symptoms are usually mild for most people, it is best to take preventative action now and either go easy on the over-indulging or stock up on some medication which can reduce the side effects. 


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How do I avoid Indigestion this Christmas?

The festive season is fast approaching and this is the time of year when we all overindulge. No matter how many of us vow not to, the extended period of festive parties and humongous, rich platters of food means that we end up eating and drinking more than usual, especially sweet and fatty foods that we wouldn’t normally eat in such vast quantities.

The combination of eating too much as well as doing little activity increases the likelihood that you or someone in your family will suffer with indigestion this Christmas!


Common Causes and Symptoms of Indigestion 

Indigestion is very common and affects up to 20% of people in the UK, although we suspect this increases vastly on Christmas and Boxing Day. In most cases, it is mild and only occurs occasionally.

Indigestion is best described as a discomfort or mild pain in your upper abdomen (dyspepsia) or burning pain behind your breastbone (heartburn). Dyspepsia and heartburn may occur together or own their own. Symptoms usually appear soon after eating or drinking and common symptoms include:

- Feeling full or bloated

- Feeling sick (nausea)

- Belching

- Bringing up (regurgitating) food or drink into the gullet (oesophagus).

- Feeling lethargic and tired

In the majority of cases, indigestion is related to over eating and/or eating too quickly. Other factors that can trigger indigestion include smoking, drinking, alcohol, pregnancy, stress or taking certain medicines.

Indigestion can be managed by watching your diet and maintianing a healthy lifestyle. There are also a number of different medicines available from your local pharmacy, such as antacids. Your pharmacist will be able to recommend the most appropriate medicines for you as well as providing you with advice on avoiding the symptoms of indigestion.


What Can Be Done to Avoid Indigestion at Christmas?

Firstly, think about the volume of food you are eating; while we all want to try a little bit of everything at Christmas, don’t pile your plate high and try to avoid the temptation of second and third helpings!

Take your time when eating to avoid indigestion; you are more likely to get indigestion if you eat quickly, so eat slowly and enjoy your food. If you are going down the route of having many helpings try to space them out with small break in between each one!

Types of Food
As well as volume, think about what you are eating; foods high in fat or sugar are more likely to lead to indigestion. Do you really need to have custard, brandy butter AND cream with your Christmas pudding?

Get Moving
Do some gentle exercise; if you suffer from indigestion, the worst thing you can do after a big Christmas meal is lie down and have a nap. Going for a brisk walk after a big meal or partaking in some gentle exercise can help prevent indigestion. Bear in mind that as it is Christmas, it doesn't have to be anything particularly strenuous, just something that gets you up and moving!


Plan ahead this winter and don’t let indigestion ruin your Christmas, be prepared and visit your local Alphega pharmacy today to buy the right indigestion remidies for Christmas.

To find your local Alphega Pharmacy, please use our pharmacy locator and speak with your local pharmacist for further advice on stopping the symptoms of Indigestion bubbling up this Christmas.


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