Stop Smoking & Improve Your Health       

‘One of my customers, a smoker for many years, decided to try to give up smoking for No Smoking Day’ in 2015. She was so impressed she managed to go for a whole day without a cigarette that she decided to see how long she could keep it going for. In the end she managed almost a whole week before caving in and having a cigarette.

She asked me if there was anything that could help her to give up for good, so we discussed the Stop Smoking Service we offer in pharmacy and she decided to give it a go.

With the help of nicotine replacement therapy, support from one of our advisors and her own willpower, she has been smoke free for nearly a year!’


If you smoke, then stopping smoking is probably the biggest single step you can take to improve your health. Every year smoking causes around 100,000 deaths in the UK. It is still the UK’s single greatest cause of preventable illness and early death. Half of the people who smoke regularly are likely to die from the habit.

The Benefits of Stopping Smoking

Giving up smoking increases your chances of living a longer and healthier life, even if you’ve smoked for many years. No matter what age you are or how long you have been smoking for, there are massive health benefits to stopping smoking:

  • After 24 hours your lungs will start to clear out mucus and other smoking debris
  • After 48 hours there is no nicotine left in your body; your ability to taste and smell is greatly improved
  • After 72 hours your breathing becomes easier and energy levels increase
  • After one month your skin will be clearer, brighter and more hydrated
  • After three to nine months your lung function increases and coughs and wheezing improve
  • After one year your risk of heart attack and heart disease will have fallen to about half that of a smoker.

Stopping smoking isn’t easy and many people find it takes more than will power alone. You can get advice and support to help you stop smoking from your local Alphega pharmacy. 


Nicotine Withdrawal

After smoking for a while your body gets used to having regular doses of nicotine from cigarettes. When you stop smoking you quickly remove the nicotine form your body. This means you suffer withdrawal, leading to:

  • Bad moods
  • Feeling irritable
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • A craving for cigarettes


Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) Treatment

Many people find that nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) helps them to stop smoking. NRT works by releasing nicotine into your bloodstream at much lower levels than in a cigarette, without the tar, carbon monoxide and other poisonous chemicals present in tobacco smoke.

There are different types of NRT available, including skin patches, chewing gum, inhalators, lozenges and nasal sprays. These help control your cravings for a cigarette when your body starts to miss the nicotine from smoking.

National No Smoking Day: 9th March 2016

This year, national ‘No Smoking Day’ is on 9th March ... why not try to give up your habit for just one day and see what happens!

Visit our pharmacy locator to find the nearest Alphega Pharmacy offering our No Smoking Service to find out how you can start beating your smoking habit today. Don’t forget, it’s never too late to enjoy the health benefits of quitting.