Allergy Screening Service
Allergy screening

What is the Allergy Screening Service?


The Alphega Pharmacy Allergy Screening Service consists of two short consultations which take place on the same day, conducted by trained members of the pharmacy team in a private consultation room.  

The Allergy Screening Service will allow you to understand if you have a food intolerance or allergy and if so, identify ways in which you can manage the symptoms and signpost where you can go for further specific guidance and support.

During the first consultation you will be asked a series of questions which explore background information and the symptoms experienced which lead you to suspect that you have an intolerance or allergy.

The answers to these questions will allow the pharmacy team to identify if you require a food intolerance, food allergy or inhaled allergy test. If you do, a tiny sample of blood will be taken from your finger and a test performed. You will be asked to make a second appointment to return for your results which will be interpreted by our pharmacist and advice offered based on them.

Arranging an appointment 

Speak to a member of the pharmacy team for more information about the Allergy Screening Service.


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