Children's Health Service

Childrens health service

When it comes to your children’s health we know you always look for the best and safest solutions. This is why our pharmacists are highly skilled in treating minor illnesses in children – including for younger children aged five and under.

We are the quickest way to get professional and reliable help if your child has a cold, cough or stomach problem.

How does it work?

Just visit an Alphega pharmacy and access our Children’s Health Service – no need for appointments. Right away we will be able to:

  • assess symptoms
  • recommend the best course of treatment
  • or simply provide reassurance and advice in case you are not sure on the next steps


The benefits of seeking advice in our pharmacies is not only the quick service but also the chance to get the necessary treatments on the spot and be able to take care of your children even when your GP is not available right away - like during weekends or in the late evenings.


As our area of expertise is minor illnesses, we recommend all parents and adults taking care of children to not hesitate from making an appointment with their local GP or visiting an A&E department if their child is displaying serious symptoms.


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