Drink Awareness Service 

Drink awareness

What is the Drink Awareness Service?


The Alphega Pharmacy Drink Awareness Service is a free consultation, in the pharmacy, to raise awareness of your alcohol consumption and any health risks that may be associated with this.

The service aims to help you to:

  • Understand the level of your drinking in terms of the units of alcohol you are typically consuming and where you are positioned in terms of health risk categories
  • Understand the daily guideline limits are for alcohol consumption and what a unit of alcohol is
  • Understand the benefits of reducing or stopping drinking alcohol, where appropriate
  • Receive guidance and information about strategies to make changes in the levels of alcohol you consume, so you can reduce the risks to your health

The service comprises of a confidential discussion which takes place in a private consultation room. You will be asked to answer a few brief lifestyle questions on a scratchcard, designed to help you to identify whether or not you are drinking within safe guidelines.

You will receive an information leaflet on alcohol units and safe guidelines, incorporating a drinks diary that can be used to track how much alcohol you are drinking on a daily basis over a week.

You will also be given a Unit/Calorie counter to help you to monitor the number of units of alcohol and calories contained within different alcoholic drinks.