Drug User Services

These services for drug users help to reduce the risk of contracting infections, causing harm and psychological problems. They help to encourage users into drug treatment via supervised consumption of opioid substitutes and by offering needle and syringe exchange schemes. 

Alphega Pharmacy will work with your prescriber and the local Drug Action Team (DAT) or Harm Reduction Team to offer the following services.*
Please note that these services vary from pharmacy to pharmacy. Ask your pharmacy team member for more information

Services available:

Installment dispensing
You have been prescribed medication to support you in your treatment for drug dependency. Your prescriber will want you to collect your medicine on a daily or weekly basis, depending on your circumstances.
We will dispense your medication at the agreed interval, and discuss and agree with you a mutually convenient time to collect your medication. We can also dispense other medication you have been prescribed by your doctor.
Drug User Service
Supervised consumption
In addition to the above, the prescriber might wish you to take the medicine in front of the Pharmacist. This will help support you in your treatment programme and give the prescriber confidence that the treatment is being followed.
Injecting equipment
Sometimes, the pharmacy will also supply additional injecting products e.g. citric acid sachets.
Needle Exchange
This service has been developed as part of the overall approach to prevent the spread of
blood-borne diseases (most particularly HIV and hepatitis). Your Pharmacist will be able to
signpost you to the nearest DAT if you need help in coming off drugs. The service aims to:
  • Reduce the rate of needle sharing and other high risk injecting behaviours by providing sterile injecting equipment and other support
  • Promote safer injecting practices, to reduce the risk of infection and overdoses
  • Ensure the safe disposal of used injecting equipment
  • Provide you with information about other relevant health and social care organisations.

What next?

Just speak to one of our Pharmacists and they'll be happy to answer any questions you have.
Most Alphega Pharmacies now have a private & confidential area where patients can receive
these services.
*These services are available from selected pharmacies across England, Wales and Scotland. Not all services are available in every Alphega Pharmacy. Please check the list of services provided at your local Alphega Pharmacy on the Pharmacy Locator