Mole Screening Service

Due to the increase in the number of cases of skin cancer (malignant melanoma) and the lack of awareness of both the risks of skin cancer or how to detect suspicious moles, Alphega Pharmacy is proud to offer a mole screening service within its pharmacies.


This will help people to become more informed of the dangers of skin cancer, while providing patients who wish to have their moles checked easy access to a professional and friendly Mole Screening Service.  


Who is Most at Risk? 

People with fair skin who burn easily, have lots of moles or freckles, have red or fair hair, were frequently sunburnt as a child or have a family history of skin cancer are most at risk. However, everyone should check their moles regularly for changes in appearance. 


Mole Checking: What to Look For?

It is advised that you check your moles every few months so that you are aware of any that change. You should be on the lookout for moles that are different from others you have on your body or the appearance of a new mole or any noticeable change to an existing mole. 

Areas of the body exposed to the sun are most at risk, with the most common places for a melanoma to develop being on a woman's lower leg and on the back for men.

One of the best methods for checking your moles is to use the ABCDE rule:

A - Asymmetry Irregular shape – the two halves should be symmetrical.

B - Borders Unclear, irregular or ragged boundaries against normal skin.

C - Colour Changes in colour – especially if it is black or blue or uneven.

D - Diameter More than 5-6mm in diameter and changing in size.

E - Evolving Change in shape, size, colour, itching or bleeding of an existing mole or if a new mole/spot appears.

Mole Checking Service - Mole Scanning & Screening


The Mole Screening Service – What’s Involved? 

If you are concerned about any of your moles, the mole screening service is a very quick and painless way to check your moles for peace of mind. 

Any mole causing concern are scanned in the pharmacy using the latest imaging technology, to capture the depth and shape of the mole. The images are then sent for analysis by a private ScreenCancer dermatologist and you'll then receive the results within 2 weeks. For more information about ScreenCancer please visit their website here.


Mole Screening: Customer Testimonials

Will Satch - GB Gold Medallist


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