Mole Screening Testimonials

Richard’s story:

“The mole scanning put my mind at rest and that if I needed any treatment I would get it.”

“I had some concerns about a mole, which was in a place that would never heal properly, it would be red one day and not the next, itch some days and other days totally fine. Initially I wasn’t too worried, but over time I thought this problem isn’t going to go away and the mole appearance is changing.

It was by pure coincidence, that just as I was thinking that I needed to do something about it, I spotted the mole screening leaflet in my local pharmacy. I took it home, read it and went back for a scan and that was it.

"The service was excellent."

The mole screening service I received was excellent, first class, painless, easy and fairly quick. Within 2 days I had the results and was reassured that there was nothing to worry about.

I really think people are too complacent about their moles. It’s one of those things that slip under the radar. People are not aware of how serious it is.

If you had spoken to me a year ago, I would have said that the odd person gets a cancerous mole but it’s not a common issue. Now, I know more, I realise it’s a significant issue and lots of people get skin cancer.

The mole screening service reassured me that there was nothing to worry about. It was less daunting than I thought it would be and very straightforward, very easy and results with me soon after. I can’t fault the service I received, it worked like a dream!”


Ann’s story:

"I decided to just do it. The service is a small price to pay for peace of mind."

“I first became aware of a mole 18 months earlier. It was a little mole on the right forearm.

I’m quite skin aware and had researched it previously. However, I could not find any mole images that looked like it. It was not raised or rough and did not look like anything sinister, just a regular mole and quite symmetrical.

But I didn’t like the look of it as it had grown a little and become more visible, so I decided to get it checked out. Luckily I heard about the mole screening service at my local Alphega Pharmacy so I decided to just do it. The service is a small price to pay for peace of mind.

"The nurse who rang me was really reassuring and took the time to answer all my questions."

The scan was simple and straightforward, carried out in a separate consultation room inside the pharmacy, so completely private.  The scan is sent to a dermatologist and a few days later I received a call from a nurse to give me the results. The nurse was really reassuring and took the time to answer all my questions.

I think it’s important to stress the importance of wearing the correct sun protection creams. We are all exposed to the sun so all need to be sensible. I do a lot of gardening and walking but was never one for sunbathing and I still got skin cancer!”


Glenda’s story:

"Knowing this, I decided to get it removed for peace of mind."

I had a number of moles and one on my back was giving me a little gyp as I kept knocking it and it would bleed. I came across the mole screening service in the pharmacy, so I decided to get my mole screened.

My moles were checked and they confirmed that one of the moles, the one on my back, was a superficial carcinoma that would more than likely grow but unlikely to turn cancerous.  Knowing this I decided to get it removed for peace of mind. All my other moles were fine.

"You get the results fast, it’s convenient and well followed through."

I was happy with the level of information given by the pharmacist on the service, and the level of information contained within the mole scanning leaflet within the pharmacy.

Overall I thought the service was a quick, more accurate and in depth way to get your moles checked out. You get the results fast, it’s convenient and well followed through. I also liked the fact that you get detailed results and it’s actionable!


Patricia’s story:

"When I saw the mole screening service information, I thought I really should get this looked at again for peace of mind."

I got my mole checked in the winter; this sort of thing isn’t seasonal! I’d had it a long time, but I realised there were some changes, so I wanted to get it looked at.

I had mentioned to my GP concerns about my mole on multiple visits (on unrelated matters), but it was always something quite rushed towards the end of the visit, and I was just referred to various information in leaflet. I could never match my mole with the example pictures and didn’t feel happy with the response I received. But I wouldn’t have gone to the doctor for just the mole concern.

It was when I saw the poster in the pharmacy “check your mole”, I thought I really should get this looked at again for peace of mind.

It was a very quick service, really pleased with every step of the process. The pharmacy staff were lovely, the pharmacist was brilliant, he is new and you can go in and ask him anything.

Overall I am very positive about the service. I keep telling my friends to go in and get their moles checked – ‘if in doubt check it out for peace of mind’.

"My advice to others – it is well worth the money to get it done."

If anyone is under any uncertainty about the condition of their mole I really think they should get it checked. It is well worth the money to get it done. It might not be anything and you can just move on, or if it is, you can do something about it. My mole was removed and so too any related concern about it!"



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