Monitored Dosage Systems (MDS)

It is important that you take the right dose of your prescribed medicines at the right time each day to get the most from your medicines to control your condition as much as possible. This can sometimes be difficult if you take more than one medicine. 

What is a Monitored Dosage System?

One way in which this can be made easier is for your medicines to be supplied in a Monitored Dosage System, which provides you with a separate compartment for each dosage time of the day. Our Pharmacist can help identify which patients this type of system would be suitable for. 

Monitored Dosage System

Monitored Dosage Systems may be suitable for patients in the following circumstances:
  • You struggle to organise medications and find it difficult to remember to take them at the correct time each day
  • You have a large number of medications to take
    each day 
  • You find it difficult to remove medication from
    its packaging
  • You have a carer who helps you to ensure you take your medicines correctly
Ask a member of our pharmacy team about whether this service would benefit you or whether there is another course of action, which may be of more help.
*Not all services are available in every Alphega Pharmacy.*
To find your closest Alphega Pharmacy offering a Monitored Dosage System Service please visit our Pharmacy Locator page, and select Monitored Dosage System's from the list of available pharmacy services.