24 Hour Pharmacy & Out of Hours Pharmacy Services

24 Hour Pharmacy

At Alphega Pharmacy, our network of independent Pharmacists fully understand that sometimes you may need out of hours pharmacy services to collect prescriptions, buy medicines and get professional Health Advice.

Our pharmacists understand that the combination of working full time and a hectic modern lifestyle means that it isn’t always possible to access your pharmacy during standard 9-5 hours. That’s why a selection of our pharmacies offer a late night service, helping to make Alphega Pharmacy close to you.

Alphega Pharmacies are proud to play their part in the local communities they serve, offering professional medical services and health advice when your doctor isn’t necessarily available. That is why several of our pharmacies offer special Out of Hours services including:

  -  Extended opening hours

  -  Dispensing of prescriptions

  -  Friendly, professional advice

  -  Sale of over the counter medicines

  -  Health & Beauty products

Finding Your Nearest Late Night Pharmacy?
To find the address and location of any Alphega Pharmacy offering a 24 hour pharmacy service, please use our Pharmacy Locator, select ‘Pharmacy Services’ on the right and then navigate your way to the Out of Hours/24hour pharmacy option to find your nearest late night pharmacy.

If you require Out-of-Hours medical help on a healthcare matter, please call NHS Direct England and NHS Direct Wales on 0845 4647 (or call NHS 111, if it is available in your area) and NHS 24 in Scotland on 0845 242424.

NHS Direct (or NHS 111) is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It can provide medical advice and details of the best local service that can provide care.


24 Hour Pharmacy - Late Night and Out of Hours Dispensing
24 Hour Pharmacy & Out of Hours Pharmacy Services