Stoma Service

*This service may or may not be funded by the NHS and varies by locality.*

Alphega Pharmacy can provide a wide range of ostomy products and services**. 


What does the service include?

Flange cutting
Participating pharmacies offer a flange cutting service, where necessary.
We can provide you with disposal bags and wipes with every supply.
Product availability
By working with our wholesale distributor and specialist contractors, we will ensure we stock a wide range of ostomy products.
Confidential service
Many of our pharmacies are fitted with private consultation rooms, allowing you to discuss any concerns or questions you may have with a member of the team in a private surrounding.
Trained staff
All the members of our team are trained to deal with prescription requests and provide advice
and support in a confidential and private atmosphere.
Home delivery
Some pharmacies are also able to deliver the appliances to your home. Please ask your Pharmacist for more details
stoma Appliance



** The specific services described above may vary by Pharmacy. You can find the nearest Alphega Pharmacy providing the Stoma Service by using the Pharmacy Locator