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Stoma Appliance Customisation

If you use stoma products, we can customise them so that they are tailored specifically to your measurements. This will make them more comfortable to wear and allow you to get longer use from each one.

Anticoagulation Service

Patients who have had a condition caused by blood clots, or are at risk of developing one, can take an anticoagulant medicine to help thin their blood to prevent a clot. To ensure that they are taking the correct dose, they should regularly have a blood sample taken to monitor their international normalisation ratio (INR). If you are required to have regular blood tests to measure your INR, we can take a blood sample in our private consultation room and measure it for you. Our pharmacist will then advise you of any changes you need to make to your dose of medication until your next appointment. You must be referred by your GP practice to receive this service.

Needle and Syringe Exchange

Providing sterile equipment to people who inject drugs helps to reduce harm and prevent spread of infection through unsafe practice. We offer a discreet and confidential service which allows you to receive sterile injecting equipment free of charge and return it in a sharps bin for safe disposal.

Flu Vaccination Service

The Flu Vaccination Service is the provision of a flu vaccine, administered by our specially trained Pharmacist, to help prevent you catching flu. The Flu Vaccination Service is suitable for most adults. If you are interested in receiving the service, our Pharmacist will take you through a short series of questions to ensure that it is suitable before giving the vaccination. Lifelong immunity to the influenza virus is virtually impossible to achieve and therefore an annual vaccination is required to provide protection from the disease.