Stop Smoking Services

All our pharmacies can offer advice on the best time to try and quit smoking and suggest methods that are most suitable for you. We also offer a Stop Smoking Service which offers tailored advice and one-to-one support from our specially trained team on how you can stop smoking and remain smoke free.

It’s never too late to give up smoking and at Alphega we understand that it’s sometimes hard to quit. Our specially trained team can provide you with expert advice to motivate and support you to help you achieve your goal. Stopping smoking can make a big difference to your health as well as your family and friends. It can help you live longer, give you more energy, and improve your sense of taste and smell.

Other information

All of our pharmacies can offer advice on the best time to try and quit smoking and suggest different methods to help you.

In addition, many of our pharmacies offer a Stop Smoking Service which, through a series of private consultations by our specially trained team, will give you tailored advice on how to quit smoking, based upon your individual circumstances.

We’ll help you identify what triggers you to smoke and how to overcome this, put together an action plan to give you the best possible chance of staying on track with remaining smoke free. We might also recommend stop smoking aids such as nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) or e-cigarettes.

The aims of our Stop Smoking Service are:

  • To achieve your aim of stopping smoking
  • To help you make long term changes to your lifestyle and behaviours that will mean you continue not to smoke

Our Stop Smoking Service may be funded by the NHS and the exact format varies by locality. You can find your nearest Alphega Pharmacy providing the Stop Smoking Service by using the Pharmacy Locator.