Winter Flu Jab
The Flu virus can be a seriously unpleasant illness to have, even if you are generally fit and healthy and a Christmas Flu Jab can really help to protect you and your family this season.
While the symptoms of Influenza usually clear up by themselves after a week or so, however, catching it over the festive season will really put a dampener on your Christmas spirit.   
Those most at risk from the virus should seek advice from their nearest Alphega Pharmacy and find out how to get you & your family protected this festive season. 

Winter Flu jab - Surviving The Flu This Christmas - Alphega Pharmacy


To find your local Alphega Pharmacy, please use our Pharmacy Locator to find your nearest Alphega Pharmacist and ask them for further advice.

Don't be floored by flu. 
Find out more about our Flu Vaccination Service:
Flu Vaccination Service
Flu Vaccination Service